How to lubricate a bicycle chain?

In heavy rain, or when dust or mud are on the trail.

Everyone wants a transmission that lasts longer and shifts more smoothly. The few minutes it takes to lubricate a bike chain are the best investment. But what if heavy rain is expected? Or a dusty track is planned? Bike7 recommends a chain oil suitable for all weather conditions. Simply and efficiently lubricate a bike chain, regardless of the weather, it works. Quickly discover how.

Why lubricate a bicycle chain?

Lubricating the chain of a bicycle, it's a task quite often skipped. Bad idea! A bike chain that isn't maintained wears out faster, creaks, squeaks and runs a lot stiffer. Not only the bike chain, but also the sprockets and cassette wear out faster. Result: frustrations and unforeseen costs. You can do better.

By regularly cleaning and lubricating the bike chain you extend the life of the (electric) bike, road bike, mountain bike or gravel bike. After all, the entire transmission remains in top condition. And the cyclist? They benefit from better performance and extra fun. Because a well maintained bike chain shifts better and gives less resistance. Nice!

What chain oil to use, considering the weather conditions?

Chain oil makes a bicycle chain run smoothly and extends the life of the road bike or mountain bike. At Bike7 you will find chain oils specially developed for wet or dry weather conditions.

  • In dry weather, you can count on Bike7 Lubricate dry. Thanks to its drier structure, this chain oil attracts less dust and dirt. A plus when cycling in dry and dusty conditions. When it rains, this type of oil does not last as long.

  • With its wet structure, Bike7 Lubricate wet is more resistant to wet weather conditions. But in dusty or sandy conditions, this type of chain oil gets dirty faster.

Having trouble choosing? We understand. Like bike plans, weather varies. Sometimes you just want to be able to reach for a chain oil that's always good. You can do that from now on!

Discover the practical chain oil for all conditions...

Meet Lubricate oil, Bike7's new chain oil suitable for all conditions. It does not attract dust, does not stick and is easy to clean with Bike7 Degrease or Chain Clean. And of course this oil does what it is supposed to do: it greatly reduces friction and ensures smoother shifting. It protects the chain against rust and extends the life of the transmission. In all conditions. The ideal choice for dusty and muddy trails, even in heavy rain!

Use wax for the most profound chain lubrication

Want to go all the way, for the best performance? Then you're in the right place with a chain wax. Bike7 Pro Wax has the ideal fluidity to fully lubricate the inside of every chain link. The unmatched efficiency of this wax provides optimal lubrication, minimizes friction, saves precious wattage and makes the bike chain last longer.

In both wet and dry weather, you can count on this wax. Sand, mud, dust or water... Bike7 Pro Wax withstands everything and also keeps your chain clean. Need we say more?

Whether you are a member of team oil or team wax, in Bike7's range of lubricants you will always find a top product that meets your demands. Explore the range and choose your match.