Lubricate Dry




  • 977010924 - Lubricate Dry - 500ml


The spray formula of our Lubricate Dry gives it a high penetrating power, while allowing the formation of a polymer film to protect the chain against corrosion. 
The addition of PTFE considerably reduces pedalling friction and also extends the life of your chains and cassettes. Our chain oil stays in place and lubricates effectively, even under heavy pressure.
This ultra-fine 'Dry' version can be used in dry or even slightly damp weather. It does not attract dust and is intended for use on racing bikes or x-country mountain bikes.
For optimum performance, always clean your transmission before applying a new coat.


  • Especially when competing on the road, as racing bikes get less dirty, for x-country mountain bikes and for x-country mountain bikes.
  • In dry, dusty and slightly damp weather.


  • When applied to the chain links, the oil is very liquid in order to penetrate better into the chain and ensure that each axis of each link is well lubricated.
  • After a few minutes, the oil solidifies and adheres so that it does not run out of the chain when you are riding and continues to lubricate optimally even during long rides.
  • Since there is also some of that adhering oil on the outside of the chain, before riding or after a few minutes after lubricating (about ten for the spray cans, 3-4min for the Quick version), run the chain in a cloth to remove the oil on the outside of the chain so that your chain stays clean while riding.
  • It is recommended to degrease the transmission with Degrease or Chain Clean after a ride/race and apply a fresh layer of Lubricate.

Nb: It is always best to apply oil at the bottom behind the chainring. That way there is no oil running into the cassette and you avoid contact with the brake discs.

Technical information

  • Colour: transparent/amber.
  • Odour: distinctive.
  • Condition at room temperature: liquid.
  • Temperature resistance: -25°C tot +300°C.
  • Additives: PTFE.
  • Relative density at 20°C: 0,885.
  • Shelf life: 36 months, dry, cool and frostfree.