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Bike7, simplifying bike maintenance

To enjoy every cycling moment even more, Bike7 has selected a range of products to help you save time on maintenance. These products are developed by professionals for use by the passionate cyclist. Experience your sport even more intensely… Use Bike7!



Speed, long distances and everything in between. The Bike7 products are specifically developed so that you can use your racing bike to push each of those limits without any worries.



Mountain biking requires extra attention and maintenance to your bike. The Bike7 products have been specifically developed to reduce your maintenance time to a minimum.



E-bikes have become a common sight on the streets. With a specific approach and maintenance, Bike7 products ensure that you can enjoy your e-bike for a long time.

Bike7 comes with a superior tyre sealant.

Anti-puncture fluids have been around for years. So why is BIKE7 only now introducing its own Pro Seal tyre sealant? We have our reasons. Let's face it: A lot of anti-puncture fluids on the market let the cyclist down. They seal small holes up to 4 mm in diameter, but that's it. Where is the reliable sealant that can also deal with larger holes? BIKE7 took up the challenge.

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