Chain Clean




  • 977270924 - Chain Clean - bottle 1L
  • 977280924 - Chain Clean - can 5L
  • 977340924 - Chain Clean - 500ml


Clean your chains and cassettes in no time with our Chain Clean!
Do you clean your chain after every ride, or do you wait until you can't tell the chain links apart?  In either case, Chain Clean will give you complete satisfaction. 
Our Chain Clean can be sprayed directly onto the cassette, chain, chainrings and derailleurs of your drivetrain. It will completely dissolve dirty lubricants and waxes in just a few seconds. All that's left to do is rinse your drivetrain with water to remove everything. Then wipe your chain dry and it's ready for a new coat of oil or wax.
Prefer to use a chain cleaner? That's perfectly possible with our Chain Clean. You can even collect the contents in a container and leave the dirt to settle, so you can reuse the liquid again.
It's effective, but also safe for lacquers, synthetics and carbon. As soon as you rinse the Chain Clean with water, it is completely removed and leaves no residue. So you can control how long it takes to work. So if you have traces of grease on the chainstay or oil splashes on the rim? Apply a little Chain Clean, rinse with water and that's it.


  • If you just want to clean the chain: 

Spray Chain Clean on the cassette, chain, crankset and derailleur wheels while turning the chain. Letting it soak in for about thirty seconds is enough. Then rub your transmission with a dry microfiber cloth and/or blow your transmission dry with compressed air. (That way Chain Clean leaves a protection against corrosion).

  • If you want to clean your whole bike:

Apply Chain Clean in the same way before cleaning your bike (if it is still dry).  Twist the chain a little more. Then rinse your transmission with running water. You can now continue cleaning your bike (cf Bike7 Clean). After cleaning your bike, apply a new layer of oil to the chain or 2 layers of ProWax (cf ProWax).

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Technical information

  • Form: liquid.
  • Colour: transparent orange.
  • Odour: distinctive.
  • Viscosity (at +20°C): 1mPa.s.
  • Relative density (at +20°C): 0,790 kg/L.
  • Spontaneous combustion: +230°C.
  • Vlampunt: +73°C.
  • Water solubility: insoluble.
  • Vapour pressure (at +20°C): 800 Pa.
  • Boiling point/boiling range: 173°C – 240°C.