Rising shortage of bicycle parts

Good bike maintenance helps preventing frustration

Having to wait weeks for a bike repair, which can ruin your training schedule or your daily ride. That's a major setback for many bicycle enthusiasts these days. Proper bike maintenance helps avoid these kinds of frustrations. Prevention is better than cure, remember? We suggest the right products for you.

Limited number of bicycle parts in stock

Nowadays, if you need bicycle parts for your broken bicycle, or want to have your bicycle repaired, you need to be patient. A lot of patience. Because bicycle shops, web shops and bicycle manufacturers receive very few new parts. That's because the manufacturers can't cope with the huge demand. So there is stress in the factories!

Manufacturers can't keep up

How come manufacturers can't keep up? The outbreak of the corona pandemic caused factories in Asia to close in the early 2020s, and transportation came to a halt. And bam: a huge shock effect in the supply chain. We are still feeling the effects of that. We are primarily waiting for the parts related to the drive system (chains, cassettes with sprockets, gear systems) and tires. But batteries for electric bikes are also hard to find.

Rush on bikes

Those looking to buy a new bicycle are in the same situation. Because of the corona pandemic, there is a real rush on bicycles, which means they sell out in no time. Also, the delivery of a new bicycle can take months. If even one part is missing, the bike is incomplete. Some models are even known to be available only in the summer of 2022. Bummer!

No improvement in sight

What to do now? Unfortunately, there is no immediate improvement in sight. The disruptions in the industry could last until next fall. Some even expect the situation to improve only in a few years. What's more, everything points to bicycles becoming a lot more expensive. Because raw materials are becoming scarcer, and the price of transport is rising. So plenty of reasons to take good care of our current bicycles.

The advantage of a perfectly clean bicycle

Dirt on a bike leads to wear and tear. So get rid of it! Want to thoroughly clean a bicycle in no time? You can do it with Clean from Bike7, a powerful bicycle cleaner. First get the bike wet and then use the cleaner to quickly remove all the dirt from the handlebars, frame, fork, (click) pedals, wheels, etc. ... to quickly get rid of all the dirt. You'll see: clean is specially designed to make your life as easy as possible.

Proper bike maintenance = avoiding problems

If you take good care of your bike, you reduce the risk of breakdowns and damage. And thus also: the risk of nail-biting for weeks or even months because certain parts are unavailable. A well-maintained bike will also last longer. Conclusion: time to get to work on good bicycle maintenance. If you maintain your bicycle chain correctly, for example, you will be less likely to have to replace it. A well-lubricated chain turns almost soundlessly. On the Bike7 YouTube channel you will find handy videos about bike maintenance. Discover them all and perfect your skills!

Pro Wax, the solvent-free chain wax for top performance

Maintaining the chain is one of the easier jobs on the bike. Regular cleaning of the chain keeps it in good condition for a lot longer. Optimally lubricating a bicycle chain for precise shifting and quiet pedaling? For this you use Pro Wax, a solvent-free chain wax. It can handle the toughest disciplines and the longest distances. After the chain has been treated, you can easily ride 300 km on the track with a silent, clean transmission. Ride on!

Do a Check-Up and Deal with Bike Problems Quickly

A dedicated check-up can quickly reveal many bike problems. Regularly check your bike for loose parts, cracks, rust spots and bent parts. Is the tire pressure correct, are the tire profiles still deep enough, and are there no bumps in the wheels? Are there any moving parts that squeak or show play? Do the lights still work? By fixing defects quickly, you avoid serious problems and associated costs.

Get quality products for your job

Good bike maintenance starts with the right products. And these are almost always in stock. Moreover, maintenance products cost only a fraction of what you pay for a repair or replacement parts. At Bike7 you will find smart solutions that will enable you to quickly achieve sustainable results. How best to use them? You will discover that in the clear how-to's on this website. Take full advantage of it! 

The advantage of a protected bicycle

Cleaned your bike with Clean? Then you probably want the result to stay beautiful for a long time. A protected bike is less prone to dirt. By treating the bike with Protect, you put a nurturing, wafer-thin film over the bike. The water-repellent top layer has a lubricating and protective effect. The ideal finishing touch after every maintenance.