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  • 977482924 - Fast Clean - 500ml
  • 977483924 - Fast Clean - 200ml


You don't have time to take a bucket and hose to clean your bike? Do you want to start training straight away, but certainly not with a dirty bike, helmet or shoes? Or do you simply want to use as little water as possible to clean your bike? Fast Clean is there for you!
Grab your Fast Clean and a microfibre and you'll have a clean bike for your next ride in no time! So stop letting dirt build up and avoid premature wear and tear on your paintwork and parts.
Relentless against dirt! Bike7 Fast Clean not only removes dirt, sand and dust, but also other natural contaminants such as dried drinks, sweat, fingerprints and grease. When you spray our active foam onto your bike, helmet, shoes or glasses, the foam will dissolve and lift the dirt so you can easily remove it with a slightly damp microfibre. And all without scratching!
Training on your home trainer in winter? Fast Clean quickly cleans and removes all traces of perspiration from your saddle, frame, handlebars and rubber mats. So you can avoid the proliferation of bacteria.
Gentle on the surface you spray it on! Thanks to its unique composition, our active foam is 100% safe to use on all materials, contains no abrasives and leaves no haze, stains or rings. Just a fresh, pleasant fragrance.
Protect your bearings. Ceramic bearings, integrated brake lines... So many reasons to limit the use of water. With Fast Clean, you work without water. Only when your bike is covered in a lot of mud do you rinse it with water first.


Effectively removes contamination such as sand, dust, dried drinks, sweat, finger marks and grease.


Use without water:

  • Apply to entire surface.
  • Allow the foam to soak in for a moment to dissolve the dirt and then wipe off with a damp microfibre cloth.

For use on a very muddy bike, first rinse it with a garden hose. 

Then apply Fast Clean, let it soak in for a moment and remove with a microfibre cloth.

Tip: the use of a slightly moist microfibre cloth avoids the risk of micro-scratches.

Technical information

  • Appearance: lightly foaming liquid in aerosol.
  • Base: detergent, alcohol, additives, perfume, demineralised water.
  • Color: transparent.
  • pH: 10,4.
  • Specific weight: 0,900 at 20°C.
  • Flash point: none.
  • Shelf life: 36 months, keep dry, cool and frost-proof.
  • Safety measures: consult the Safety Data Sheet.

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