Do you want to ride your bike without fear of a flat tire?

Bike7 comes with a superior tyre sealant.

A flat tire is always a setback. End of the cycling ride and have to repair the tire immediately? There is another way. An anti-leak fluid or tyre sealant protects bicycle tires preventively against punctures. Ridden over a nail? Carry on cycling because the tire remains hard. Pro Seal immediately seals punctures up to 8 mm in diameter. This is how BIKE7 keeps the competition ahead.

Tubeless riding: time to switch

We cannot ignore it: riding tubeless is on the rise. Both mountain bikers and other cyclists are fans. Is it the fact that you can ride with lower tire pressure, thereby benefiting from more comfort, more grip and better power transfer? To the fact that you avoid punctures? Or to the higher efficiency thanks to the lower rotating weight? The fact is: once you go tubeless, you never go back. More and more people are making the switch because making bike tires tubeless is now super easy.

How does a tire sealant help?

Tubeless tires with liquid latex fit airtight to the rim, making an inner tube unnecessary. By pouring a tyre sealant, a white liquid, into the tubeless bicycle tires, you make the bicycle tires airtight. But there is more. The latex automatically seals holes in the bicycle tire caused by nails, thorns, glass and other sharp objects. In case of a puncture, the latex immediately finds the hole in the tire and fills it from the inside. As a result, the pressure loss is minimal and you can simply continue cycling. The sealant immediately forms an airtight membrane around the hole. The rest of the sealant remains liquid and does its job the next time the tire is penetrated. You get used to it quickly!

Mission: develop a superior tyre sealant 

Anti-puncture fluids have been around for years. So why is BIKE7 only now introducing its own Pro Seal tyre sealant? We have our reasons. Let's face it: A lot of anti-puncture fluids on the market let the cyclist down. They seal small holes up to 4 mm in diameter, but that's it. Where is the reliable sealant that can also deal with larger holes? BIKE7 took up the challenge.

High-quality sealant seals holes up to 8 mm in diameter

Good things take time. The R&D team at BIKE7 took the time to develop a quality solution and immediately set the bar high. Mission accomplished: our brand new Pro Seal tyre sealant is guaranteed to seal holes up to 8 mm diameter, thanks to a clever mix of large and small particles. It works for all types of bikes (road, mountain, e-bike, gravel, etc.). So from now on you'll be going to that important race or cycling trip with a lot more peace of mind. Go for it!

Compatible with CO2 cartridges

Fanatical cyclists can be recognized by their CO2 pump and CO2 cartridges. They use them to inflate their tires quickly when they have a puncture without wasting a lot of time and energy. But a lot of sealants freeze up when you use CO2 cartridges, so you still have to use a traditional mini-pump. That is now a thing of the past. With Pro Seal in your tires you can use CO2 cartridges without any problems. The latex will not harden or freeze. 

100% safe and eco-friendly

Pro Seal latex effortlessly seals an 8 mm hole. The anti-corrosion additives prevent unnecessary tire wear. At the same time, this natural latex is 100% safe. User-friendliness has also been considered. Pro Seal does not stick and is easy to dose. The smallest 125 ml package has a handy dosage cap that allows you to pour the liquid into the tire through the valve opening. Spilled some? You can easily wipe away the residue with a cloth.

Easy to apply, even without experience

Making bicycle tires leak-proof with a sealant is easy and does not leave any marks. You can do it even if you have no experience. In short: you pour Pro Seal directly into the partially dismantled tire or through the valve opening. The latex will work optimally for 3 to 8 months, depending on the weather conditions. Check the level occasionally and top up if necessary. Other than that, you don't have to worry about the sealed tires. Ready for the switch?