Lubricate Quick Dry




Low friction

Race conditions

Strongly reduces the addtraction of dirt and dust.


  • 977040924 - Lubricate Quick Dry - 1 x 150ml


Lubricate Quick Dry is a high quality ultra-thin lubricant drop bottle.

The strong penetrating capability ensures effective in-depth lubrication.

Lubricate Quick Dry is designed specially for intensive training and competition in dry or dusty conditions and is perfectly rain resistant.

Lubricate Quick Dry is a formulation adapted to developments in the high-end race bike and mountain bike world.

It withstands hgih mechanical pressure and friction forces without losing any of its lubricatin capability.

That makes it the ultimate choice for (semi-) professional cyclists and mountain bikers. 


Dry, high quality lubricating bicycle of bicycle chain.


  • Cycling road races and intensive training.
  • On a dry and dusty trail.


  • When applied to the chain links, the oil is very liquid in order to penetrate better into the chain and ensure that each axis of each link is well lubricated.
  • After a few minutes, the oil solidifies and adheres so that it does not run out of the chain when you are riding and continues to lubricate optimally even during long rides.
  • Since there is also some of that adhering oil on the outside of the chain, before riding or after a few minutes after lubricating (about ten for the spray cans, 3-4min for the Quick version), run the chain in a cloth to remove the oil on the outside of the chain so that your chain stays clean while riding.
  • It is recommended to degrease the transmission with Degrease or Chain Clean after a ride/race and apply a fresh layer of Lubricate.

Nb: It is always best to apply oil at the bottom behind the chainring. That way there is no oil running into the cassette and you avoid contact with the brake discs.

Technical information

  • Colour: transparent/amber.
  • Odour: characteristic.
  • State: liquid.
  • Temperature range: -25°C to +300°C.
  • Additives: PTFE.
  • Densiity: 0.885 kg/dm³.
  • Shelf life: 36 months, store in a dry, cool and frost free place.